Press Kit - The Naked Game


Developer: SiCzech Arts
Based in Prague, Czech Republic

Release date: 15th of December 2017

Platforms: Windows



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The Naked Game is a real first-person
psychological thriller / puzzle /
exploration game.

Game based on real events connected by
a strong immersive story of a young Eurasian
girl Mia who goes on a trip from Japan,
her home country, to France. One day she
wakes up in an unknown, yet somewhat
familiar place…

Mia was kidnapped and she is trying to escape
from the hostile place. However, her
journey to freedom is not easy nor straight.
The Heroine is forced to seek her memories
 in order to solve the riddles that the kidnapper
prepared for her. Yet not everything is
as it seemed at first.


- Solving hardcore but logical puzzles -
which result from the story and correspond
with the environment

- Highly interactive and changing environment -

- Discovering all elements of our universe -
Including pop culture trends, brands and
conspiracy theories

- Inspired by real historical events -
such as the Fukushima accident and
German expeditions to the Far East
and many more...

- Great atmosphere and artistic style -
reflecting today's graphics standards and
imagination of the kidnapper

- Experiencing events from the heroine's past -

- First person immersion -
The Naked Game is not your typical first
person game in which the player controls
only levitating hands. The heroine is
presented to the player from head to toe
which guarantees better connection
with the character.

- Exploration of levels -
The player can explore dark corners of the
levels and uncover more about the heroine's
past. Thorough exploration can player
find different points of view and
help them find another solution of the levels.






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